29 November 2011

Sparkle & Print

Aryn K top, Loft cardigan, Loft sweater, BB Dakota skirt, Maude belt, Missoni for Target tights, Rocketdog shoes, Nordstrom earrings, New York and Company Ring, Grey Dog vintage watch, Patricia Nash purse, Muffy the puppy

The last picture was an accidental slip of the camera, but I put it up because it shows the texture of the tights! They are warmer than most tights, and I see myself wearing them constantly this winter.  
Speaking of winter- tonight in Fayetteville it is going to get down to 17 degrees!! When I woke up this morning there was frost on the ground and I had to get the ice off my windshield before I could drive.  I can't believe in a few days it will be December.
I've been spending the past few days decorating for Christmas and making crafty type things.  I can't wait to put up pictures when it's all finished. The holiday season is my favorite, and me and my two sisters are all holiday babies.
Speaking of- Happy Birthday to my little sister Allison! I can't believe she turned 23 yesterday...what a trip!

24 November 2011

Giving Thanks

The weird look on my face may be explained by the fact that I'm standing next to a pile of animal bones.  Or it might be that I have a weird face.  Hope everyone had a happy holiday. 

Robbin's Jeans, Francesca's top, Something Urban cardigan, Aldo boots, Forever 21 sunnies, Vintage jewelry- ring belonging to my mom, earrings from Grey Dog 
MAC lipstick in Lickable

23 November 2011

Stripes and Plaid

Old Navy denim, Seychelle's shoes, Old Navy top, Urban Outfitters sweater, Forever 21 scarf, Private Gallery ring, Forever 21 sunnies, Bracelets from Something Urban and Grey Dog, Little sister's necklace, Big sister's purse, Nails in Essie Carry On, Revlon Siren Lipstick 

22 November 2011

The Victoria's Secret Angels go to a RAVE!

So I know the show was a while ago, but I'm just now getting around to it.  I figure since these girls have super fly bodies and make me feel about as sexy as a slug with bad acne, I can at least make fun of their ridiculous costumes this year.  

I went to Mardi Gras and got some really bad acid.

OHMYGOOOOD GLOW STICKS!! I love you! You're sooo pretty.  I just want to DANCE!

I swear to everything holy, if you paint those roses white I WILL cut a bitch!

Have you seen my friend? With the glow sticks? She's supposed to give me a light show.  Oh, your skin is so soft.  Let's DANCE!

I guess Julie Andrews used her artistic license when she portrayed Mary Poppins as a prim and proper nanny.  What a downer.

Ballerina? Awkward "beer girl" Halloween costume that's the only thing left at 9:00 on the 31st?

Have you seen my friend? With the glow sticks? No? Well do you know where I can get some more ecstasy?

Herpes are fine... as long as they are on your ass, not your vag.  THEN THEY AREN'T CONTAGIOUS!

Excellent, a Power Puff girl.  Until now, the show was lacking sweet memories of childhood.  Well, if you don't count Mary Poppins.

So angels aren't enough, now they have the market cornered on SEXY SUPERHEROS.

Ok this girl clearly came from Puff the Magic Dragon Land, but don't be fooled by her "half-closed, sultry, sexy eyes."  She's actually just stoned off her shit from that giant doobie she smoked backstage.

Y'all, I am Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s BIGGEST FAN!!!

I don't know what this floosy is trying to prove, we already have a Mary Poppins who totally KILLED IT on the runway.

The Mad Hatter.... no, I don't even know what to say on this one. 

Dior Couture

Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for a book of portraits coming out this December.
Simply stunning couture, and beautiful photography. Enjoy :)

16 November 2011

Editing Photos is Hard

So I tried this photo editing software my mom has and they ended up looking a little bit like I don't know what the hell I'm doing, but that's ok because I don't.  I've got plenty of time to figure it out... some other day.  These are some photos, old and new, that I played around with.

Aldo boots, ASOS socks, Old Navy jeans, ASOS cape

Y'all, I am completely obsessed with these pants! And OHMYGOSH they are so affordable that I want to get them in a dark denim color.  I think they were around $35.  Way cheaper than the pair of Citizens I had my eye on, and they are equally as flattering to your ba-donk-a-donk.  They are super stretchy and super skinny, so they fit into boots with no problem, and are easy to put socks over.  I'm really loving the boot-sock-pant combo this fall.  It looks so cozy and I'm always down for any excuse to layer. 
I wish you could see the super cute top underneath but I didn't get a picture of it.  It's from a local boutique called Monroe, and I'll snap a picture next time I wear it, which is seriously like 4 times a week.  
I was really excited to add a cape jacket thingy to my wardrobe and found this one at ASOS, after they sent me an e-mail a few weeks ago say all their winter apparel was fifty percent off :) So yeah I was ALL OVER that deal. 

Urban Outfitters Skirt, Aryn K top, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Something Urban jewelry

This is moi et moi best friend, la belle Rachel.  (I am intermittently fluent in about 10% of the French language. Two years of  French classes in middle school, three years of AP French in high school, and another semester at college has earned me a very extensive vocabulary.)
She was my roommate through most of my college years, and when she came up from Little Rock we went to the Hogs game. Well actually, we spent the entire game at the tailgate drinking, talking, and catching up, but we could hear the game so it was kinda like being there.  

My friend Meghan and I went out for a girls night last week and had a blast, although we did end up having to escape from some creepers who had had a few too many! I'm not sure why I have a monster grip on her jacket- I was probably scared of being left alone.

And this is my pretty boyfriend Asa! He's temporarily crippled after discovering the hard way that he can not, in fact, fly.  

That's all for now. The internet is being a total DICK and deleted half my post, so it's best for me to stop before I break the computer.  

Looooove you all!

14 November 2011

Ooh La Pintrest!

After a brief time on their waiting list, (what's that all about, anyways??) I finally have joined the millions who are addicted! I've been very disorganized about the whole thing, but here are some favorite pins I've found that either get my creativity going or activate extreme jealousy... hello, that closet!

I love the sparkle detail! One of the things that is a HUGE void in my wardrobe, in my opinion, is the lack of heels but especially a nude pair.  I really wanted to steal BORROW my mom's pair last time I was visiting, but I was afraid I might get in big trouble on that one.

Love the crop pants! For some reason, it's been impossible for me to find a pair that fits right- right length, slim fitting, quality materials.

What a cute idea to decorate a getting ready space!

Oh, my.  I could show y'all about a million pins I drooled over when I looked at closets.  One day I WILL have a phenomenal closet. (This is probably reason #1 children are nowhere near my life radar- that extra bedroom needs to be a closet, not a nursery.)

I found so much interesting art work when I searched The Little Mermaid- my favorite movie!

Although I've never danced before, I love love the costumes you see at a performance.  My younger sister is an immensely talented ballerina, and my mother sewed thousands of costumes for her company.  They are works of art, made even more beautiful by the grace and movements of the dancers. 

I have a skirt made of similar fabric with the same silhouette and was really struggling to find a top to wear with it and make it more casual- can't wait to try this out!

Dying for a chunky, shiny watch.  And all these accessories! 

I want this outfit! The layering is perfect.

Looks so cozy- and the color of the boots is great!

Lately, I've been very drawn to girly things.  This is so new to my style, but I'm having fun with it!

Just the perfect brown purse, in my opinion.

I've been trying to decide lately what I should do with my hair.  It's in desperate need of a cut, and this picture makes me want to go back to my natural red! 

Adios, my dears!

PS- Dear LORD this blog is so unattractive! It makes me not want to share this with anyone or comment on the blogs I love, because who would take such an ugly little thing seriously? Anyone have tips or websites I should check out to give it a much needed face lift?

10 November 2011

TFB Fall Boot Guide- Riding Boots

fall boots riding

If you're gonna get one pair of boots this year, make it a riding boot.  They go with everything and you will get so much use out of them! I have a pair similar to #5 and right now I pretty much sleep in them.. Try them with some knee socks and black skinny jeans and you're already halfway to an adorable outfit.

Number 1 is def on my wishlist this year! I found them online at Nordstrom's, which has the best shoe department ever.  I would kill for one in NWA.

Also a huge fan of the two-tone boots and little details like buckles and zippers on so many boots this year.

Coming up... Lace-up boots and some tips to keep your boots looking great :)

09 November 2011

Add Some Flair to Yo Hair

hair flair 3

Ok this is my first attempt at making a collage type thing so hopefully it uploads nicely. 

Fall is one of my favorite times to add some fun touches to my hair.  Whenever I try to in the summer, I am constantly messing with it because it gets so warm!

I love the idea of metallic hair ties.  If you're like me, you always have a hair tie around your wrist just in case. This is a way to jazz it up and add some sparkle instead of just having a plain old elastic around your wrist.

The red ball hair tie is just adorable... my mom used to put these in my hair when I was little! They used to get constantly tangled, but to avoid that just wrap them around a normal hair tie.

I've never tried a head band that wraps around the forehead, but this one is so cute I may have to give it a shot.

And the black bows can be used in so many ways! My favorite thing to do right now is place them right in front of a high bun.  It's a simple way to really class up your look.

Coming up in my next several posts is going to be a fall and winter boot guide.  Look for posts detailing all types of current boot trends! Since I live and die for boots, it will be broken up over many posts.

On an unrelated but equally awesome note, I had my very first Pumpkin Spice Latte yesterday, and I'm pretty sure I am in LOVE.

PS. So the picture is clearly having issues.  But the internet is being a little twat so I can't figure out how to fix it.  Oh dear, so much to learn.