14 November 2011

Ooh La Pintrest!

After a brief time on their waiting list, (what's that all about, anyways??) I finally have joined the millions who are addicted! I've been very disorganized about the whole thing, but here are some favorite pins I've found that either get my creativity going or activate extreme jealousy... hello, that closet!

I love the sparkle detail! One of the things that is a HUGE void in my wardrobe, in my opinion, is the lack of heels but especially a nude pair.  I really wanted to steal BORROW my mom's pair last time I was visiting, but I was afraid I might get in big trouble on that one.

Love the crop pants! For some reason, it's been impossible for me to find a pair that fits right- right length, slim fitting, quality materials.

What a cute idea to decorate a getting ready space!

Oh, my.  I could show y'all about a million pins I drooled over when I looked at closets.  One day I WILL have a phenomenal closet. (This is probably reason #1 children are nowhere near my life radar- that extra bedroom needs to be a closet, not a nursery.)

I found so much interesting art work when I searched The Little Mermaid- my favorite movie!

Although I've never danced before, I love love the costumes you see at a performance.  My younger sister is an immensely talented ballerina, and my mother sewed thousands of costumes for her company.  They are works of art, made even more beautiful by the grace and movements of the dancers. 

I have a skirt made of similar fabric with the same silhouette and was really struggling to find a top to wear with it and make it more casual- can't wait to try this out!

Dying for a chunky, shiny watch.  And all these accessories! 

I want this outfit! The layering is perfect.

Looks so cozy- and the color of the boots is great!

Lately, I've been very drawn to girly things.  This is so new to my style, but I'm having fun with it!

Just the perfect brown purse, in my opinion.

I've been trying to decide lately what I should do with my hair.  It's in desperate need of a cut, and this picture makes me want to go back to my natural red! 

Adios, my dears!

PS- Dear LORD this blog is so unattractive! It makes me not want to share this with anyone or comment on the blogs I love, because who would take such an ugly little thing seriously? Anyone have tips or websites I should check out to give it a much needed face lift?


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