07 November 2011


Does everyone feel really awkward making their first post? Like they should introduce themselves but that's also kinda strange because nobody even knows this exists yet?

Anyways! Moving on.

I've been planning on starting my own blog for like a hundred years now and I'm finally getting started! There are so many blogs out there that I've started following daily for some fun fashion inspiration and thought it would be fun to share my ideas too. I have no idea how to do anything whatsoever related to computers so we may be along for a bumpy ride! I plan on enlisting the help of my best friend to make this thing look pretty.

My sister, Allison, likes to bake.  We're talking from scratch, make your own pie crust out of butter and flour and all that fancy shit.  She can see all the ingredients and know how to put them together in just the right way to make a delicious treat that everyone can enjoy.  I, on the other hand, detest cooking.  I know what sounds yummy, but am clueless as to what goes well with what, blah blah blah, basically someone please cook for me and let me eat.  I get bored cooking. Allison likes the process, likes being able to share the final product with others.  Luckily that usually includes me.

I like to style outfits, and I put them together in the same way that Allison bakes.  I see one piece that I want to start with, and pick other clothes and accessories to complement it. I love the process more than anything- finding a shirt, jacket, or pant that I just cannot live without, and turning it into something the reflects my personality or mood.  Allison is to fashion as I am to baking.  She knows what she likes, but doesn't always know how to put pieces together in a way that she likes.  And she hates shopping, which is why I do it for her and have been her stylist since she was a newborn.

And voila! Both the name and semi-inspiration for my soon to be fabulous blog.

You'll see a lot of pictures of my sister in the outfits I style her in, as well as some of mine too.  I also plan to feature the amazing pieces I find/borrow/steal/beg from my mum's closet... although some of those posts might get me in trouble if she hasn't noticed the particular item featured had been "borrowed" yet. I think she will understand that it's all for the sake of fashion.

So let's do this, beautiful (future) readers!

Also... I apologize in advance if you are offended by some mild swearing.  But I want my blog to feel authentic, so I'm going to type like I talk.  I promise to edit out the really bad words though :)


Karen said...

This is so "you"! I can't wait to see what you come up with, and it will be nice to see my things actually put to good use! And we know Allie loves being your real life paper doll!

Your #1 Fan- Mum!

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