06 January 2012

Red and Ruffle

red and ruffle

Playing around with Polyvore, and thought I'd share this with y'all :)


Friday Confessions

1.  One of my goals for this year is to get this blog up and running.  Give it a make over, figure out exactly what direction it's going, and post on a regular basis.  Well, so far I'm off to a bad start.  Catching up with real life (bills, work, etc) after the holidays has really thrown me off my game.  And I lost the cord that connects my camera to the computer, so I'm not able to post any of the cute outfit pics I have!  Shoot.. I promise I'll get better!

2.  The "guest room" is really "Caitlin's Closet."  And it is a DISASTER.  Straight up looks like something you would see on Hoarders.  It needs to get under control stat... I can't see the floor!  And it makes it difficult to find anything to wear.  

3.  My mom gave me a crock pot for Christmas in an effort to get me cooking.  Which I never do.  But now that I've found so many easy recipes on Pintrest I'm kind of obsessed!  The only problem is I have a little crock pot and most of the recipes seem to be for bigger ones.  How do you fix that?

4.  Ever since my best friend got engaged I've caught the wedding fever bug.  Right now I'm watching a Say Yes to the Dress marathon, and keep searching Pintrest for little ideas.  I even picked up a bridal magazine because it was free at the tanning salon where I went to get a spray tan before New Year's Eve.   Is that a jinx??

5.  This had me cracking up!


29 December 2011

The Reverse Bucket List

So I got to thinking about New Year's Resolutions the other day.  And while I thought of a few that I will probably be able keep, it was much easier and more enjoyable to think off all the things I DO NOT want to this year, or ever.  Nobody likes feeling like a failure when their resolutions fall through, so here is my list of things to avoid in 2012 and onward.

1. Plummet at an inhuman speed towards the planet Earth.  This includes skydiving, bungee jumping, cliff diving, or even jumping off the high rise diving board.  I hate heights, have an extreme fear of falling to my death, and just don't understand why you would jump out of a perfectly good plane.  

2. Get chased by a chainsaw again.  Granted, this was at a haunted house so I knew I wasn't in any real danger, but you try telling that to the limbic system of a girl who cried when she saw the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  

3. Live in a huge, beautiful house... all alone.  The most important thing is to be surrounded by the people you love.  When it comes down to it, that's the most valuable thing in life and should always be a top priority.  

4. Yardwork.  Enough said.  I hate that shit.  

5. Have any type of medical emergency.  Have y'all ever tried to get insurance when your medical history is messier than the snot covered face of a toddler with a cold??  It's pretty damn near impossible.

6. Climb Mt. Everest.  Or any other big mountain. for that matter.  I know some people love this stuff, but I would cry at the cold and hunger and every other hardship.  Plus, did you know that on the way up, certain bodies that have been there for years are used as markers to gauge exactly where you are? Cah-reepy.  

7. Run with the bulls.  Once again, enough said.  I have no intention of getting impaled by a big angry mammal.  

8. Run the New York City Marathon.  If you have the dedication to run any marathon, I applaud you.  It's just totally not for me, seeing as how I HATE running.  And I heard that you have to stand in line for so long waiting for it to start after registering that people forgo the long porta-potty lines in favor of pissing and shitting in the street.  As if the streets of NYC weren't dirty enough already.

9. Sit in the back of a squad car.  By all means I probably should have already done this, but seeing as how I have made it 25 years without being en route with the law, I'd like to keep it this way. 

10. Have a nudie photo scandal.  Now, this one I am not worried about since I am not a promiscuous teen with the great idea to send her boyfriend photos, but I needed a number 10 because 9 was a weird number to end on.  Plus I see it on the tabloid covers all the time.  

What are some things y'all want to avoid in your lifetime?  Make your own list- it was fun!  And may all of you have a safe and fashionable New Year's Eve- can't wait to see all the outfit posts afterwards! 


28 December 2011

Capes for Chilly Days

Asos cape, BB Dakota skirt, Nine West purse, Ralph Lauren boots, Missoni for Target tights, Piperlime top, Jewelry from BCBG, Kate Spade, Chico's, Bora, Hive & Honey 

PS- I got bangs!

20 December 2011

Sneak Peek: Toms Spring 2012

Ballet flats!  I just love love love the lookbook for the new Toms coming out this spring.  If you love your Toms as much as I love mine, I knew you're just dying to get your hands on pair.  With a more fashionable shape, and fantastic prints, fabrics and textures, what's not to love? And as always, a pair goes to someone in need with every purchase!  Total guilt-free shopping.  

I've got my eye on the black burlap pair and the blue suede pair... what are your favorites?

xoxo Caitlin

19 December 2011

Fabulous Under Fifty

Hello again everyone!  Sorry for the long absence.. I've lost my camera memory card thing and so I haven't been able to publish all the posts I had planned.  In the meantime, while I search for it, here are some great little treats you can drool over with me. 

xoxo Caitlin

15 December 2011

Get the Look

get the look

Vila long sleeve dress, £50
ASOS mini skirt, 150 DKK
Type Z platform heels, $40
Pieces vintage leather satchel, $69
Ladies Super Soft Tights, £5
Asos Basic Short Funnel Snood, £7
MARBELLA brooch, €93
Paris Skyline Vinyl Wall Art Mural -, $55

I know I'm not the only one who loves going to Pintrest for some fashion inspiration.  This is a look a friend of mine wanted to base her Christmas outfit on, and the items I found to make it happen!