06 January 2012

Red and Ruffle

red and ruffle

Playing around with Polyvore, and thought I'd share this with y'all :)


Friday Confessions

1.  One of my goals for this year is to get this blog up and running.  Give it a make over, figure out exactly what direction it's going, and post on a regular basis.  Well, so far I'm off to a bad start.  Catching up with real life (bills, work, etc) after the holidays has really thrown me off my game.  And I lost the cord that connects my camera to the computer, so I'm not able to post any of the cute outfit pics I have!  Shoot.. I promise I'll get better!

2.  The "guest room" is really "Caitlin's Closet."  And it is a DISASTER.  Straight up looks like something you would see on Hoarders.  It needs to get under control stat... I can't see the floor!  And it makes it difficult to find anything to wear.  

3.  My mom gave me a crock pot for Christmas in an effort to get me cooking.  Which I never do.  But now that I've found so many easy recipes on Pintrest I'm kind of obsessed!  The only problem is I have a little crock pot and most of the recipes seem to be for bigger ones.  How do you fix that?

4.  Ever since my best friend got engaged I've caught the wedding fever bug.  Right now I'm watching a Say Yes to the Dress marathon, and keep searching Pintrest for little ideas.  I even picked up a bridal magazine because it was free at the tanning salon where I went to get a spray tan before New Year's Eve.   Is that a jinx??

5.  This had me cracking up!