16 November 2011

Editing Photos is Hard

So I tried this photo editing software my mom has and they ended up looking a little bit like I don't know what the hell I'm doing, but that's ok because I don't.  I've got plenty of time to figure it out... some other day.  These are some photos, old and new, that I played around with.

Aldo boots, ASOS socks, Old Navy jeans, ASOS cape

Y'all, I am completely obsessed with these pants! And OHMYGOSH they are so affordable that I want to get them in a dark denim color.  I think they were around $35.  Way cheaper than the pair of Citizens I had my eye on, and they are equally as flattering to your ba-donk-a-donk.  They are super stretchy and super skinny, so they fit into boots with no problem, and are easy to put socks over.  I'm really loving the boot-sock-pant combo this fall.  It looks so cozy and I'm always down for any excuse to layer. 
I wish you could see the super cute top underneath but I didn't get a picture of it.  It's from a local boutique called Monroe, and I'll snap a picture next time I wear it, which is seriously like 4 times a week.  
I was really excited to add a cape jacket thingy to my wardrobe and found this one at ASOS, after they sent me an e-mail a few weeks ago say all their winter apparel was fifty percent off :) So yeah I was ALL OVER that deal. 

Urban Outfitters Skirt, Aryn K top, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Something Urban jewelry

This is moi et moi best friend, la belle Rachel.  (I am intermittently fluent in about 10% of the French language. Two years of  French classes in middle school, three years of AP French in high school, and another semester at college has earned me a very extensive vocabulary.)
She was my roommate through most of my college years, and when she came up from Little Rock we went to the Hogs game. Well actually, we spent the entire game at the tailgate drinking, talking, and catching up, but we could hear the game so it was kinda like being there.  

My friend Meghan and I went out for a girls night last week and had a blast, although we did end up having to escape from some creepers who had had a few too many! I'm not sure why I have a monster grip on her jacket- I was probably scared of being left alone.

And this is my pretty boyfriend Asa! He's temporarily crippled after discovering the hard way that he can not, in fact, fly.  

That's all for now. The internet is being a total DICK and deleted half my post, so it's best for me to stop before I break the computer.  

Looooove you all!


Karen said...

I think your edits look pretty good- picture editing isn't easy! Maybe Allie has some hints for us!

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