09 December 2011

Friday Confessions

Is it already Friday? Time for the Friday Confessional! Here we go-

1. I couldn't be happier that Pop-Up Video is back on.  I will watch the entire video for a song, even if I hate it, to read all those little bubbles of information.

2. This morning I woke up feeling even worse.  My cough sounds like a lion that has just been shot in the face. I'm dreading work tonight, but I've already had to take two sick days and with Christmas around the corner, I can't afford to stay home!

3.  I haven't started my holiday shopping.  At all.  Not one bit. 

4. I keep getting cute outfits together so I can take pictures for the blog.. but the sun goes down so early that it's always dark by the time I get ready.  

5. My cat loves to help me blog. Right now she is laying on a pillow next to me with her paws on my chest, purring.  She has got to be the strangest animal I've ever meet. 

6. I can't stand cold weather unless it is snowing.  If mother nature wants me to suffer through the cold without even making it pretty then frankly, she can suck a dick. 

7. I think my last blog post was effective, because when I woke up this morning my boyfriend got me water, medicine, and a bagel.  Then he used the space heater to heat up my blanket. :)

8. I'm addicted to crime shows.  My favorite is Criminal Minds.  And there is a channel called Investigation Discovery that is 24 hours a day of reality crime television.  It. Is. Awesome.

9. Next week I'm getting this thing back on track with some great outfit posts, so stay tuned!

xoxo Caitlin


P!nky said...

I'm stopping by from Confession Fridays!

I love Pop Up video and crime shows!!! So much fun to watch.

Hope you feel better!

Karen said...

I hope you feel better!

Amy Holmes Hottel said...

Stopping by for confessional friday too! I am recent transplant from Texas too! Finally I do the samething with the cute outfits. For somereason by the time I get to taking the photo at night it does not quite look the same.

lori said...

#4- the same thing happens to me!! i haven't posted many pictures at all lately.

and my kitty is laying beside me purring right now too :)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I love pop-up video! I've learned so much useless music triva that way : ) Don't feel bad about the Christmas shopping, I haven't started either. Thanks for linking up, girl!

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