02 December 2011


Linking up to my one of my favorite blogs, Blonde Ambition, whose author also live in the fabulous NWA!

1. I'm becoming steadily addicted to blogging, but am nervous to share it with people I know because I'm afraid they will think my site is lame, or I'm vain or blah blah blah...
2. I wish I could decorate my house within an inch of its life for Christmas.  My hot glue gun may become permanently attached to me because I think all those super cute crafty things I see on Pintrest that look so simple to do... are actually simple.  They aren't. 
3. My boyfriend was recently in a motorcycle accident and broke his hip, so he can't walk around or do much of anything which really sucks... but sometimes it's okay because I can hang out with him whenever I want.  Plus it was super fun to give him shots, it made me feel like a smarty pants doctor.
4. I can sleep like it is a freaking Olympic Sport and I am the CHAMPION.  Napping can seriously interfere with me getting ANYTHING done.  
5. One of my favorite things to do when I'm killing time is to go to all my favorite online shops and get a huge shopping cart together of everything I want... that I can never afford to buy.  It's window shopping for the new generation. 

xoxo Caitlin


lori said...

im stopping by from confessional friday... i understand not telling people about your blog! its kind of awkward at first.

hope your boyfriend has a speedy recovery!

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